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HOME- contemporary art exhibition

Genre : Exhibition | Dar es Salaam

From friday 13 october to friday 01 december 2017

Column : Music, Fine arts, Dance

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A group of artists are bringing together their creativity and talent in an exhibition to express, through their artwork, the meaning of HOME. With the globalization of migrations, the concept of HOME is being redefined everywhere in the world. It seems easy to pinpoint at first but as soon as you start to dig, it becomes more complicated to apprehend it personally. It can picture so many spaces and states. It can appeal and reveal many other deeper concepts as heritage, belongings, roots and displacement... The city of Dar es Salaam, which lies between tradition and modernity, nature and anachronic urbanism, is a pure symbol of this world integration of hybrid cultures and will always remain a welcoming house of peace if we continue to build it together.

Information / Venue

Friday 13th of October
Entrance free
Drinks and bites  

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